Omnisend Reviews, Pricing, and Features – 2022

Omnisend is a reliable multichannel marketing program that comes highly rated. Every new or up-and-coming online business delivers crucial and simple-to-use functionality.

Omnisend works with e-commerce enterprises of all sizes, from international corporations to tiny, family-owned businesses. Fashion shops, pet supplies, and fast-moving consumer items are among the industries they serve. Omnisend is primarily aimed at e-commerce marketers who want to provide their clients with a unique online purchasing experience.

Omnisend gives you the tools you need to engage with your contacts, whether you’re targeting visitors, subscribers, shoppers, buyers, or repeat customers. With various sign-up forms, you can convert casual visitors into purchasers. You can use its segmentation tools to classify clients based on activity and purchasing behavior for more targeted communications. The drag-and-drop Content Editor tool for email campaigns allows you to create spectacular email messages with less time and effort.

Additionally, Omnisend is well-suited to integrating other systems, such as Shopify. Overall, Omnisend is a good investment for any eCommerce company trying to boost sales through marketing efforts. Omnisend provides excellent value for money thanks to its extensive feature set.

On the other hand, automation allows you to create workflows for one or more channels to send personalized messages. Omnisend also includes real-time and historical reporting features that may be used to evaluate the success of a campaign or channel. All of these technologies aid firms in achieving their marketing objectives and getting a greater return on their marketing automation investments.

Omnisend Reviews, Pricing, and Features - 2022

Omnisend Main Features Review:

Omnisend Email Campaigns Review

Omnisend’s email campaigns are adaptable to fit your brand’s unique requirements. It also includes drag-and-drop content editing, ready-to-use email marketing templates, and promotional codes. The Omnisend technology may also produce these discount codes for each recipient automatically.

The professional formatting you use for your emails can say a lot about your company. Each of the Omnisend templates may be simply customized to help you quickly generate gorgeous, professional emails. It’s even possible to share stored templates with other connected retailers.

Users can choose from a variety of email templates in Omnisend’s library. This in-depth feature allows users to create unique marketing content in minutes.

Each Omnisend email campaign template may also be saved and shared between connected stores, useful for enterprises with several outlets.

You can access various features for your emails in a matter of minutes with the drag-and-drop content editor, and you won’t have to bother about coding. Discount codes that change frequently, scratch cards, product recommendations, and a terrific product selector are all included.

Omnisend, unlike other email marketing platforms, isn’t solely focused on email. You can also build and implement marketing programs that span a variety of platforms, such as social media and SMS messaging. In addition, integrations with your favorite apps make it simple to create a unified experience.

Multiple communications and social media channels can also be merged into a unified ecosystem. This makes automating your campaigns and ensuring that everything is delivered at the perfect time for your team a lot easier.

Omnisend Smart segmentation features Review

Because every one of your consumers is distinct, it’s critical to tailor an email marketing experience for them. You may quickly break your list into smaller groups using Omnisend’s innovative segmentation tool. The solution gives you easy access to customer profile data, shopping history, and other filters that you can use to create audience segments that you can exclude or include depending on your goals.

You can also choose to segment your data based on various variables. You could, for example, segment your audience based on their demographics, their relationship with your brand, their purchase history, and so on. You may also utilize auto-renewal segments to dynamically group clients based on campaign activity and the channels they use to communicate with your brand.

When it comes to crafting highly targeted campaigns that genuinely appeal to your audience, segmentation like this is extremely useful.

Omnisend Marketing Automation Review

You can make multi-channel workflows for your audience using Omnisend’s marketing automation. You can either build your workflows from the start or use pre-made templates.

  • Message details
  • Subject lines
  • Workflow settings

Few Omnisend pre-built workflows: 

  • Welcome message templates for new subscribers
  • Message for shoppers who add items to their cart but don’t buy
  • Sample message for shoppers who view your products but don’t make a purchase
  • Order and shipping confirmation messages

All of these themes can be customized using a simple drag-and-drop editor. You may also try automatic splits or A/B split testing with Omnisend’s optimization features.

You may design tailored messages to subscribers and figure out which ones result in the most conversions with these split-testing features.

Omnisend’s eCommerce automation leverages communication channels tailored to the consumer’s demands. For example, to maintain communication with a consumer, the user can drag and drop the best contacts, such as email or SMS, into the workflow.

Once small businesses have persuaded customers to sign up for their email marketing strategy, Omnisend offers a variety of automated options to assist them in nurturing their relationships. Start with welcome emails and play around with various segmentation options for custom audiences. Then, it’s simple to build emails for your e-commerce firm that communicate directly to your target customer using customer data.

Omnisend also has three pre-built workflow management options that may be tweaked to match any company’s needs. Welcome Series, Product Abandonment, and Cart Abandonment are the specific parameters.

Omnisend, unlike many other email marketing platform solutions, comes with a variety of pre-built automation workflows, so you don’t have to figure out how to follow up with clients from scratch. In addition, the pre-built solutions in your email marketing software contribute to Omnisend clients’ overall simplicity of use.

Each pre-built workflow has its own set of content. Omnisend, for example, targets new subscribers with the Welcome Series, which generates pre-made sets of introduction emails.

Customers who have chosen and browsed products but have not purchased them focus on the Product Abandonment workflow. In addition, Omnisend creates product-related content to encourage customers to return and buy.

Cart Abandonment is the third pre-built workflow. Customers who have things in their cart but have not completed their purchase will benefit from this series of targeted content. In addition, cart Abandonment employs automatic email and SMS reminders.

Omnisend can help you from start to finish with your email marketing, including persuading people to sign up for your communications in the first place. Signup boxes, popup widgets, and gamification alternatives are just a few of the possibilities available to businesses trying to gather leads. In addition, you can employ wheel of fortune solutions with your signup forms to promote more signups.

Omnisend Customer Intelligence Review

Customer Intelligence AI networking by Omnisend employs a combination of targeting data. This gives you a complete picture of your customers for future services and sales.

Each customer’s report is based on various factors, including sales lifecycle stages, retention, and product purchasing data. Furthermore, these reports are provided at no cost to the client and are calculated based on the established pricing for each package level.

Customers are segmented by Omnisend using specific algorithms. In addition, the platform collects valuable data using this feature, such as purchasing preferences and engagement history. The portions are also easily accessible to the user and include helpful hints and suggestions.

Omnisend Popups & Forms Review

Omisend’s Popups and Forms provide built-in signup options for easy contact and customer engagement.

Omnisend allows businesses to personalize how they gather client emails and more by using various forms such as Landing Pages, Wheels of Fortune, and Signup Boxes.

Using numerous signup forms is perhaps the most popular approach to gain subscribers. Exit-intent popups, which appear when a visitor is about to leave your website, are among the options offered by Omnisend.

Additionally, Omnisend’s exit popup reduces site bounce rates and check-out abandonment by tracking the amount of time a potential consumer spends on any given page or website.

These popups are simple to design and configure with various parameters, such as choosing which sites to show the popup on or after a certain number of pages have been visited. You should also use this time to acquire phone numbers to add these people to your SMS marketing list.

The SMS systems offered by Omnisend are also quite handy. Omnisend users can construct phone number-only forms using this feature. The system uses these forms to carry out marketing operations for any customer.

You can utilize the drag-and-drop Landing Page Builder with pre-built designs and even high-converting default text in addition to the numerous signup forms.

Landing pages are helpful for eCommerce companies because they allow you to personalize the content for your target audience. In comparison, changing the content of your store pages is more challenging because there is usually a lot more stuff there.

If you’re at an event, such as a pop-up shop, have a conference booth, or want a custom website for a specific holiday, you can quickly construct a landing page with Omnisend to target those people.

Omnisend Intelligent Reporting Review

Any email or automated marketing campaign should include reporting. To produce the most powerful outcomes for your campaigns, you need to know exactly what’s going on with your audience. The reporting capabilities of Omnisend enable in-depth and comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Omnisend’s reporting system also enables the collecting of extensive data and information from various platforms. These platforms include sales, campaigns, and performance analytics, to name a few. In addition, it creates accurate in-the-moment reporting for more actionable insights based on the data collected.

Custom reports from Omnisend can assist you in developing a more effective enterprise email strategy and designing automation workflows that are appropriate for your target audience. You can even use your marketing automation platform to produce custom reports depending on the metrics and KPIs that are most relevant to you. Examining your audience’s language and geography, for example, could be an alternative.

To better understand your audience, Omnisend’s intelligent reporting integrates business analytics, insights, and segmentation. This tool generates reports that show how your site’s visitors interact with it.

In-depth studies allow you to go deeper into the many aspects of your email marketing methods, allowing you to bring more clients back to your online store. In addition, you can immediately discover what is and isn’t working for your tactics using Omnisen, and you can also conduct A/B testing.

Without leaving the built-in Automation Editor, businesses can make better data-driven decisions. This is achievable because critical performance metrics are available at all times.

The report contains metrics:

  • Sales funnels
  • Product analytics
  • Retention analytics
  • Customer life-cycle stages

Omnisend Channels Review

The channel feature of Omnisend provides a single platform with five primary branches. For a consistent customer-to-business experience, this system merges several communication tools such as email and SMS into one platform.

Emails, SMS, Web Push alerts, Google Customer Match, and Facebook Customer Audiences are the five vital Omnisend channels. These channels give users a collection of tools for gathering client data and promoting consumer interactions.

Omnisend Shopify Integration Review

Businesses can use Omnisend’s connectivity with Shopify and other platforms to get synchronized selling and marketing features.

Omnisend transmits data in real-time via time-sensitive data tracking. These include client connections, order information, products, and check-out status within merchants like Shopify.

Furthermore, moving from one platform to another is quick and straightforward. Omnisend uses personalized and relevant messaging content to convert active Shopify clients.

Shopify-specific newsletters and automated emailing campaigns are also available through Omnisend. Omnisend can also create popups and landing pages to help customers engage with your brand.

Omnisend integrates with over 30 apps in a variety of areas. Ecommerce platform applications, shipping and logistics apps, customer service apps, and sales conversion and optimization apps are just a few examples. The following are examples of popular integrations:

  • Zapier
  • Shopify
  • Shopify Plus
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Volusion
  • Intercom
  • ShipStation
  • Prestashop+ 
  • Magento
  • Opencart

Omnisend Pricing Plan:

Omnisend Pricing Plan 2022

Omnisend The Free Plan

This is not a trial offer. Omnisend, on the other hand, offers a 365-day free basic service. This imposes a daily restriction of 2,000 messages and a monthly limit of 15,000 messages. It’s ideal for new businesses who are just getting started with email marketing, especially those that don’t feel ready to invest in a marketing platform just yet.

This plan is not only free, but it also includes all of the services listed above, as well as free SMS credits. In addition, there are no functionality constraints, which distinguishes it from other marketing platforms. The only restriction is a monthly maximum of 500 emails. This makes it ideal for small businesses to try out their first trustworthy email marketing platform and larger companies looking to put Omnisend to the test.

The Free plan has the following features:

  • An email editor with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • You can choose, alter, and send email templates already been created.
  • Website tracking with up to a month’s worth of data.
  • You can have up to three active signup forms on your site.
  • You can send marketing campaigns regularly.
  • Email segmentation is available.
  • Reporting on sales.
  • Maps can be found by clicking on them. (These are delivery reports that include a visual representation of the recipient’s clicks, allowing you to identify which email elements drew them in.)

Omnisend Standard Price Plan

This package starts at $16/month and allows you unlimited access to all of Omnisend’s services. If you pay the minimal $16/month charge, you’ll also get a higher sending limit of up to 6,000 emails per month and 500 contacts. You also get limitless online push alerts, as well as live chat and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It includes everything in the free plan plus the following:

  • x12 the Free plan’s report sending limits Automation reports (They show information about your automation workflows.)
  • You can automate various procedures, such as sending birthday emails, welcome greetings, and abandoned cart reminders.
  • Website tracking with three months of data history is available.
  • You gain access to SMS marketing automation and campaigns.
  • You can create as many sign-up forms as you want.
  • Multiple users can be added to your Omnisend account.
  • You have the option of creating up to 20 email segments.
  • You’ll have access to live chat support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as third-party app integrations like Smile, Yotpo, LoyaltyLion, ReCharge, and others.
  • A/B test campaigns are possible.
  • Advanced email functionalities such as Omnisend’s ‘Product Picker’ and ‘Product Recommender’ are available to you.
  • You can make sign-up forms in the style of the ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ Subscribers can spin the wheel for a chance to win anything in exchange for their name and email address, such as discounts, free delivery, or a freebie.

Omnisend Pro Price Plan

If you pay the minimum $59/month charge, this plan is designed for high-volume senders that want to take advantage of SMS marketing’s extra power. It includes unlimited emails, unlimited online push alerts, sign-up forms, boxes and pop-ups, SMS marketing automation, email workflow automation, audience segmentation, Push notifications, Facebook custom audiences, Google Customer Match, advanced reporting, and premium support are all available. It also includes a Customer Success Manager and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

The Pro plan covers everything in the Standard plan, the following:

  • x15 the Free plan’s sending limits.
  • You have the option of creating up to 50 email segments.
  • You’ll have access to website tracking for up to six months’ worth of data.
  • You have access to more third-party plugins such as CartHook, Gorgias, and Easyship.
  • Each month, you can send up to 30,000 push alerts.
  • You can use your custom domain to do business.
  • You’ll get help with deliverability.
  • Google Ads Customer Match can help you better target your ideal clients.

After your free trial is finished, you may either stick with Omnisend’s free package or upgrade to one of the two paid plans, which can be paid monthly or annually if you need a bit more marketing power.

Omnisend Benefits Review

Omnisend’s significant features include a unified e-commerce marketing platform, tools for producing beautiful email campaigns, and automated workflows that save time.

Bring all of your marketing resources together under one roof: Omnisend, as an omnichannel platform, brings all of your marketing channels together in one place. As a result, you’ll be able to reach out to a more significant number of customers and launch multi-channel campaigns with greater efficiency. Customers can be contacted via email, social media, SMS, or browser-based push alerts. You won’t have to jump between different apps or browsers to get things done with Omnisend. On the other hand, customers have more methods to communicate with you through channels that they like.

Create campaigns that are aesthetically appealing and engaging for your brand: You can create exciting email campaigns and newsletters with the Omnisend Content Editor, which can enhance your email click-through rates. You can use blank or standard templates and fill the context blocks with your text and photos. There are also ready-to-use themed templates that you may personalize with your logo, marketing content, and contact information. Using the Product Picker, you may showcase your products in a campaign. To increase customer engagement, include interactive features such as a scratch card or a gift box.

Automated workflows can help you increase revenue: You may automate multi-channel workflows based on specific triggers with Omnisend, which will boost your income. You may increase buyer confidence with a welcome series or order confirmation communications. Cross-sell opportunities should be maximized by suggesting similar or complementary products. With an abandoned cart reminder, you may bring the buyer closer to the transaction. Automation workflows that have been pre-programmed make these jobs considerably more accessible. With the Automation Editor, you may create your unique process or modify an existing one.

Omnisend Pros and Cons

Omnisend Pros:

  • Low monthly prices, starting with a free basic edition, provide good value for money.
  • With a drag-and-drop user interface throughout, it’s simple to operate.
  • There is customer service available. 24/7
  • It’s simple to make a template or send an email.
  • The setup of triggered email/automation is simple and effective.
  • Reporting is beneficial.
  • Users can choose from a variety of beautiful email marketing templates.
  • Follow-up campaigns are simple and effective.
  • Newsletter campaigns – the content editor is standard for email marketing apps, yet it functions flawlessly. Then, of course, there’s Product Picker, which lets you select a product from your store and have it automatically included in your newsletter without the need for photographs or descriptions. It’s pretty simple.
  • Popups are fantastic since they look terrific straight away. Furthermore, it’s all pre-filled, so if you don’t want to stare at a blank screen, change the phrase, and it’ll appear.
  • Automation is perfect, and it’s what we’re doing right now. It’s kind of like second-level e-commerce marketing, in that you realize after a while how having automated actions may save you a lot of time and money. Omnisend’s automation is excellent and intuitive, and they are simple to understand and use.

Omnisend Cons:

  • Users must start for each new email campaign and cannot just edit an old one.
  • Except for the Enterprise edition, most plans have a monthly maximum of 15,000 emails.
  • The first setup wasn’t working well, but the support issue was resolved promptly and effortlessly.
  • The moment you install the product will only work with future consumers. (At least, that’s what the results of our support inquiry suggested)
  • More sample templates and campaigns that would be helpful.

Should We Go For Omnisend?

Omnisend is an actual email and SMS marketing program that comes highly recommended. In conclusion, it offers crucial and simple-to-use capabilities for every new or growing internet business. These features include anything from eCommerce automation to email campaigns and less prevalent capabilities like customer insight.

For online store owners, Omnisend is a fantastic email marketing software. In addition, it’s convenient for Shopify users because of its direct integration. If you have an online store and want to communicate with your consumers in various settings, Omnisend might be the right fit for you. If you’re serious about using e-commerce automation to interact with your target audience, Omnisend is an excellent option.

This service includes everything you’ll need to succeed online, including abandoned cart automation, customer reactivation, cross-selling templates, transactional emails, and purchase follow-up. All of these things will save you time and help you get the most out of your conversion strategy.

If you want to develop highly professional segmented campaigns with attractive themes and many integration options, Omnisend is a great tool to use. However, if you’re going to go deeper into statistics, such as finding out which email clients your consumer uses, you can run into some complications with this service.

Overall, these characteristics will aid any eCommerce business in increasing the return on their marketing investments. Additionally, Omnisend is well-suited to integrating other systems, such as Shopify.

Omnisend has several templates for client reactivation, order follow-up, cross-selling, and other purposes. As a result, it can help you generate more leads and improve your company’s performance.

Overall, Omnisend is a good investment for any eCommerce company trying to boost sales through marketing efforts. Omnisend provides excellent value for money thanks to its extensive feature set.

Omnisend, on the other hand, can assist you in promoting your e-commerce firm through multi-channel marketing (emails, SMS, and social media).

If you’re thinking about utilizing Omnisend for your email marketing, you should join up for the free trial at the very least to get a feel for the software. After that, this product could be suitable for you.

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