Moosend Reviews, Pricing, and Features – 2022

Moosend is a premium email marketing tool for creating, designing, curating, and sending email messages. This email automation software includes automated tools, an easy-to-use interface, newsletter and blogging templates, and advanced integrations. It assists businesses, bloggers, and website owners in successfully executing their marketing campaigns. In addition, users in industries such as eCommerce, travel, publishing, SaaS, and agencies can benefit from the platform. It includes essential automation tools and templates and a landing page builder. The software is highly flexible and user-friendly for newcomers to email marketing. Moosend has been assisting businesses with email marketing and landing pages since 2011. The platform is focused on helping you create personalized emails for customers, and it includes many features.

Moosend began its journey in 2011 and is now headquartered in London, where it assists small to medium-sized business owners and freelancers in developing their digital brands. The company is based in the United Kingdom and Greece, with Romania, Poland, and other key European countries. The email solution is designed to meet the demands of any online business that wants to send email newsletters to its customers and readers about news, goods, services, and special offers.

Moosend Reviews, Pricing, and Features – 2022

You’ll have access to solid technologies to follow up with potential buyers and build trust with your audience if you use Moosend. In addition, it’s utilized by both small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations, indicating that email marketing software works and is cost-effective for enterprises of all sizes.

Moosend ensures that your communications are delivered at a high rate and promptly. In addition, Moosend’s analytics and statistics enable the company to identify important members who generate money and send them personalized communications tailored to their needs and interests, increasing engagement and generating cash.

With hundreds of email campaign templates to pick from and email automation templates to use for common email sequences, Moosend makes it simple to get up and to run.

The email automation editor has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it simple to use, and it comes with A/B split testing, data analytics, and email list segmentation built-in.

An email marketer can use Moosend to receive automatic list management, including eliminating unsubscribe requests and managing bounces.

Moosend’s drag-and-drop campaign creator requires no coding skills and helps businesses develop through email marketing. The subscriber list is separated and filtered using UI to send the correct message to the right individual. Reports on campaign progress are created to make quick and accurate judgments.

Email marketing, newsletter editor, marketing automation, eCommerce AI, audience management, landing page builders, subscription form builders, and a robust reporting & analytics system are just a few of the features that can make your marketing campaigns go smoothly.

Moosend makes it simple to manage many email campaigns and mailing lists and create and deliver visually appealing, responsive emails.

Moosend is on the lower end of the price scale. Prices start at $10 per month, and there’s also a great freemium and pay-as-you-go option. A drag-and-drop email builder, landing page builder, marketing automation, and extensive reporting are among the features. If you need to automate workflows at a minimal or no cost, this is an excellent option.

Moosend ensures that your communications are delivered at a high rate and promptly. In addition, Moosend’s analytics and statistics enable the company to identify important members who generate money and send them personalized communications tailored to their needs and interests, increasing engagement and generating cash.

Moosend Features Review

Moosend Easy to Use Interface Review

The Moosend interface is straightforward and designed to display all features directly where they are needed. Moosend’s platform allows you to send email campaigns, create leads using landing pages, and stay informed with extensive data.

Moosend Email Newsletter Editor Review

The newsletter editor from Moosend comes with many advantages. It’s a drag-and-drop editor that simplifies the creative process. You can upload your images and videos or utilize those from the editor’s collection.

If you’re unsure how to produce HTML emails, remember that our drag-and-drop newsletter editor doesn’t require any HTML understanding. Log up and start creating beautiful newsletters, or use the ready-made templates to get started right away.

Moosend Intelligent Email Marketing Automation Review

Most operations should be automated, and employees should be given room and time to choose diverse priorities and tackle different problems.

This is where marketing automation enters the picture. You have the option of creating your automation workflow or using one of Moosend’s tried-and-true automation procedures.

Automate tasks like as:

  • Triggers are used in user onboarding
  • Lead scoring
  • cart abandonment sequences, and other applications.

You can automate based on :

  • The number of times an email is opened or the number of times a product is viewed.
  • Alternatively, you can filter by weather conditions in the prospect’s area and add a customized comment.
  • Once you’ve chosen the event that will start the automation sequence, you’re done.

Moosend Automation Workflow Editor Review

Workflow automation is an integral part of every company’s operations.

Your staff will have more time and space to focus on other elements of the business and tackle other difficulties by automating most operations. Moosend, interestingly, has a workflow editor that allows you to update your workflow and automate the entire procedure easily.

Moosend is highly versatile because it allows you to employ one of its tried-and-true automation workflows or develop your own using the editor. Lead scoring, user onboarding, cart abandonment sequences, and other activities can all be automated. Depending on product views, email openings, prospect location, and more, you may also automate your workflow.

Moosend Importing Data Into Moosend Review

It’s simple to import your list into Moosend. With a simple copy and paste, you may import members. Alternatively, you can import a CSV or Excel file.

If you don’t use either and merely need to import your Google contacts or Salesforce contacts, you can do so. Of course, importing data and hosting your list aren’t the only options; Moosend also lets you create custom fields and map your data to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Moosend List Segmentation & Personalization Tags Review

The segmentation and personalization tools in Moosend will help you improve your email marketing results.

Personalization can be achieved by utilizing data such as :

  • The location of your target.
  • The weather in their region.
  • Their behavior on your website.
  • Their repeated purchases or preferences.

Custom fields can segment your audience depending on their activities and interests.

Send alerts when their favorite product is on sale to make it more personal.

  • Remind them that they’re going to run out.
  • Re-engage them with cart abandonment emails.
  • Provide them targeted recommendations.

Moosend Personalized Templates Review

Sending tailored email marketing messages to your audience is one of the finest strategies to enhance conversions and engagement.

Fortunately, Moosend’s personalized templates function can assist you in accomplishing this.

When you provide personalized templates to your audience or subscribers, they will feel like you are talking directly with them. This function also allows you to send personalized messages quickly and easily.

Moosend Free Email Newsletter Templates Review

The intuitive drag-and-drop newsletter editor from Moosend is suitable for both rookie and professional newsletter designers. You don’t need any prior knowledge of HTML to make it work.

If newsletter design isn’t your strong suit, Moosend’s platform provides free templates that will suffice.

When it comes to aesthetics, Moosend offers a wide range of possibilities. Countdown timers, photos or GIFs, and even films can be used. GIPHY, Instagram, and Stock Photos, among others, are all integrated into the editor’s picture selector.

If you have a bespoke font associated with your brand, create it and utilize it. You can also save all of your designs and test the look and feel of your email across a variety of devices without ever leaving the editor.

Moosend Email Templates Review

You may utilize over 40 free email templates from Moosend. These templates are current and mobile-friendly. In addition, they work with a variety of screen sizes and devices.

Furthermore, the best part is that they are entirely free. So you may send branded, professional-looking newsletters to customers using these themes. The themes are intended to make your emails more readable and aid in conversion.

Moosend A/B Testing Review

A/B testing is included with Moosend, and you may use it to improve your subject lines and emails. Yes, you may use the A/B testing feature to compare different marketing campaign strategies to see which ones perform best.

It also enables you to send separate email versions to different contact groups on your list.

The tool allows you to follow the results of each test, making it simple to identify and select the most effective marketing strategy. You can then send it to the rest of your contacts after choosing the best email. A/B testing is an essential function in email marketing, and Moosend makes it available to its consumers quickly and easily.

Moosend Segmentation Review

One of the essential components of an email marketing platform is segmentation, and Moosend has one. This feature allows you to segment your email list based on the information recorded in the system. This feature should be used to improve the relevancy of the emails you send to your clients or subscribers.

This feature will not only assist you in sending more relevant information to your list, but it will also assist you in reducing your email send volume and saving money. For example, you can divide your contacts into groups depending on their interests, behaviors, and interactions with your company. You can add up to 20 distinct conditions to each segment.

Moosend Subscription Forms for WordPress Review

Subscription forms are an excellent tool for generating leads of any kind. The Moosend platform allows you to construct attractive, responsive forms. Through the many subscription forms, you can choose when they appear and where they appear on your page.

Choose a ready-made form and customize it to fit your niche and brand tone.

Advanced targeting options are available:

  • The device where your form will be displayed.
  • The countries that have access to your records.
  • What will a user be able to see?
  • Depending on the operating system they’re running.

To make the Fear Of Missing Outwork for you, use unique typefaces and countdown timers (FOMO). After you’ve created your forms, label each of your clients to organize them according to the campaign.

Moosend Advanced Reporting & Insightful Behavioral Analytics Review

The Moosend platform can generate precise, easy-to-read, and manageable reports.

You can receive a complete picture of your campaigns and track metrics such as –

  • Email openings
  • Click-through rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Unsubscribers are essential metrics to track

This can help you better understand your target demographic and, as a result, make more informed decisions about your next campaign.

The reporting and analytics component of Moosend can also show you where your users are, what device they’re using, and their general activity, ensuring that nothing goes wrong.

Moosend also has a reporting tool that gives you detailed information about your email marketing campaign and company.

By tracking clicks, opens, unsubscribes, forwards, bounces, and more, you can increase engagement and develop fantastic plans with this platform’s reporting tool. It will also tell you the device users use to open your emails, whether a PC or a mobile phone.

Moosend Recipient Analysis Review

Moosend serves as your eyes in the sky in addition to providing you with a platform to perform your email marketing campaigns. Thanks to its recipient analysis tool, you will get total access to your receiver’s every move.

Moosend offers you all pertinent information about your recipient, allowing you to plan your next steps with confidence. Furthermore, this function will assist you in sending your audience more relevant material.

Moosend Location Tracking Review

Knowing where your recipients are located will enable you to send them more personalized communications. In addition, Moosend is unique in that it allows you to track the position of your consumers.

You can see the country and city where your clients use this platform. This function allows you to identify the areas with the most involvement, allowing you to target your audience better.

You may segment your audience and send more personalized emails using this information.

Moosend Device Tracking Review

This tool allows you to see what devices your consumers use to view your emails. This tool allows you to concentrate your efforts and test your consumers’ browsers and devices.

Additionally, this tool allows you to uncover opportunities and analyze patterns to give your clients more targeted content. Knowing what devices your audience uses is also helpful in determining the best email templates to employ.

Moosend Real-time Reporting Review

One of the most valuable aspects of this platform is real-time reporting. You don’t have to wait until the end of your campaign to view the results and efficacy of your campaign with real-time reporting. Similarly, you can use this function to track the results of your email marketing campaign in real-time.

It gives you real-time updates on the status of your campaign. This is a standout feature that many email marketing solutions are missing.

Moosend Filters and Triggers Review

Triggers are the sparks that set automation procedures in motion. They are based on your visitor’s behavior on your website or in your newsletter. You must specify a chain reaction when creating your automation workflow. The actions of your audience will start the chain reaction.

You may use Moosend to construct triggers for various activities. Scheduling, lead generation, email engagement, profile management, list engagement, and website interaction are some of the triggers you can sift through.

Moosend Email Tracking Review

The tracking feature of Moosend can provide you with a complete picture of everything your prospects do when they visit your website.

Moosend’s platform employs behavioral analytics to provide you with a complete picture of how your website’s users interact with various sections. Data from users can be saved and utilized to assist you:

  • Your next email marketing campaign can be automated.
  • Segmented.
  • Hyper-personalized.

Moosend Tracking Integrations Review

Moosend works with a lot of different apps and platforms. You get access to the platform’s extensive integration capability regardless of your chosen platform. The integration procedure is likewise quite basic and straightforward, and it does not necessitate any HTML understanding. Websites, e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, and more can all be integrated.

You may also use third-party tracking applications to gather more detailed information about your consumers’ activity and the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

Moosend Build Unique User Profiles Review

You may create individual customer profiles with Moosend’s advanced tracking tool to better serve your consumers. Consequently, Moosend will provide you an advantage over your competition by allowing you to track your whole marketing process and achieve your marketing goals using modern strategies.

You’ll be able to track and better understand your clients’ requirements and wants using this platform’s automated email marketing campaign. As a result, it’s simple to create individual customer profiles and send them only emails with relevant material.

Moosend Integrations Review

Another appealing feature that every email marketing platform should have is integration possibilities. This tool will save you a lot of time and stress. Moosend connects to over a hundred different apps and services. As a result, you can expand the platform’s capability by adding more apps. You may, for example, integrate Moosend’s automation workflow with a variety of e-commerce platforms. With this integration, you’ll be able to keep track of your customers’ actions at all times.

Moosend’s integrations can be used for:

  • CRM
  • CMS
  • e-Commerce

This platform provides direct SMTP access. It is naturally compatible with:

  • Zapier
  • Magento
  • Woocommerce
  • Salesforce
  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Bouncer
  • Mailoptin

Moosend Ecommerce AI Review

Advanced tracking and powerful analytics will aid in the management of your contacts, allowing you to apply hyper-targeting and personalization to tempt them on the first try. The most crucial eCommerce AI capabilities are abandoned cart emails, product recommendations, and reminder emails. All three try to re-engage one-time clients and enhance the likelihood of becoming loyal customers.

You can also use product blocks to make shoppable emails. Display the products you desire in your email, together with their details and any unique characteristics. If you’re unsure what to write in your email subject line, Moosend’s “Refine” function can make suggestions based on industry standards.

With Moosend, you’ll be able to deliver Amazon-style product recommendations to your clients.

This platform uses artificial intelligence to give highly accurate and relevant product recommendations to your clients. It analyses your data and recommends things that your customers will enjoy, providing you a competitive advantage over your competition.

This functionality operates in a simple yet effective manner.

For example, suppose customer A searches for and buys two things (LG washing machine and Samsung Galaxy S21). If Customer B looks for the Samsung Galaxy S21, Moosend will suggest the other product that Customer A looked at.

When a consumer buys a new phone, the system may suggest various phone accessories that the customer might require.

Benefits of Using Moosend

Collection of contact data

A good email marketing strategy targets the right recipients, visitors, and audiences with excellent content. However, you can only do so by gathering crucial information on the people you wish to contact. This platform, fortunately, allows you to do so. Moosend makes it simple to get all necessary information on recipients, visitors, and audiences.

For example, you may use this platform to create custom sign-up or opt-in forms for your website or blog. It also allows you to alter the data field to obtain more information that will assist you in providing relevant material to your clients. You can give your subscribers customized material that appeals to them using the information you obtain.

Categorize contacts in different groups

Email segmentation is one of the many advantages you’ll get from using this platform.

Instead of flooding your audience with the same messages, email segmentation is a terrific approach to delivering tailored emails.

You can make use of this feature by dividing your contacts into different groups depending on their interests and preferences, ensuring that you’re distributing relevant content to the right people at the right time! Overall, this feature aids in increasing the click-through rates of your campaign by including more audience members in themes that they are interested in!

Solves several marketing issues

It aids in the resolution of numerous issues that arise when operating an online store, such as cart abandonment and customer turnover. You can alleviate one of these problems by using Moosend’s ability to send emails automatically when clients quit their shopping cart without purchasing within a certain amount of time.

Alternatively, if visitors browse your site but do not make any purchases or respond to specific calls to action, they are abandoning your site. Another critical issue that our platform addresses are occasions where consumers depart because you didn’t reach out to them about something new and exciting enough – which will no longer be an issue if you use Moosend!

Marketing analytics that is more advanced

Advanced email marketing analytics are provided by Moosend, which you can utilize to make well-informed business decisions. Moosend uses real-time data to track client involvement with your campaigns and provides critical information like device usage, location details, and more.

As a result, you’ll better understand who is receiving what content from where at any given time.

Easy to use

One of the most user-friendly email marketing solutions available is Moosend.

The platform includes a self-explanatory and straightforward user interface that makes navigating considerably easier and quick access to functions via the dashboard. You’ll be able to design emails in no time with Moosend’s drag-and-drop builder!

Tasks and workflows can be automated with this tool

One of the most significant advantages of employing this email marketing software is that it aids in the flawless and seamless execution of your campaign.

It allows you to automate all of the chores associated with managing an email list, such as automated mailings, sending reminders to customers who have abandoned their shopping, and so on, without having to do any work yourself.

You can also create automated workflows for your audience depending on factors like what goods they buy most frequently from you and how long it’s been since they last bought anything!

As a result, you’ll be able to engage with your audience more successfully with more precise targeting.

Moosend Pricing and Costs

Is it possible that Moosend’s various features will make it more expensive than competing platforms on the market? Which platform you wish to compare Moosend with will determine this. The platform offers different price plans for different market groups: free, pro, and enterprise.

You can also request a bespoke package depending on your preferences for features. The cost of a subscription is determined by the number of people on your mailing list. This platform uses a sliding scale to operate.

Moosend Pricing Plan 2022

Moosend Free Plan 

Because the Free Plan is free, it is the best option if you want to try out the platform first. In addition, Moosend gives you access to the following features without having to invest any money:

  • Marketing automation
  • Tracking insights 
  • Marketing Channels
  • 100 plus integrations 
  • Brand and design experience
  • Access to Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Reporting insights and analytics 

If you want to reach out to many customers and convert them, these capabilities may not be adequate on the Free Plan. Landing pages and a sales funnel, which are not available on the Free Plan, are the most valuable features on any platform.

If you choose the Free Plan, keep in mind that it will not help you if you already have subscribers on your email list. Even one additional subscriber will force you to upgrade to the paying plan to continue using the platform’s other features.

Moosend Pro Price Plan Review

You’ll need an email marketing platform to assist you in building your business once you’ve gotten your initial subscribers.

The Moosend Pro Plan includes all of the essential capabilities you’ll need to grow your email marketing campaign. For example, if you want to develop different landing pages for different audiences, you’ll need to go with the Pro Plan for the landing page editor. In addition, you get more features with the Pro Plan than with the Free Plan.

Here’s what the Pro Plan gives you that the Free Plan doesn’t:

  • Limit of 5 team members
  • Can create and custom landing pages 
  • Apply transactional emails

The platform bills you for this package based on your number of customers. So you can save up to $8 per month if you have 2,000 subscribers.

Moosend Enterprise Price Plan Review

This is Moosend’s most expensive package, which allows you to send customized emails to up to 200,000 mailing list members. The platform, however, does not display the actual pricing for this plan, so you’ll have to contact the provider to set up a plan based on the features you wish to utilize.

With the Enterprise Plan, you receive your IP address, personalized reports, and a slew of other benefits. There is nothing here other than the Pro Plan’s main features.

Moosend Customer Support Review

Customer support is another critical element to consider before adopting any cloud-based software, such as Moosend. If you become stuck at any time, you’ll be glad to know that resources are available to help you get out of it. Moosend offers a variety of customer service choices.

Phone, email, live chat, and a knowledge base are some of the ways you can receive assistance.

Their vast knowledge library contains solutions to practically all of your concerns. In addition, they have many themes to choose from to get answers to your questions. They also assist you through webinars and video lessons.

They have a few videos that can help you with automation and mailing list questions on their site. You can also utilize the live chat feature to obtain a quick and instant response to your questions.

Overall, the level of customer service provided by Moosend is outstanding. Furthermore, the support crew understands what they are dealing with and will provide you with the appropriate responses to your questions.

Moosend Pros & Cons 

Moosend Pros :

  • Allows you to send unlimited emails to your customers so that you may stay in touch with them at all times.
  • It has a variety of integrations and third-party collaborations, such as Zapier.
  • Customer service is available to assist you with technical concerns.
  • It comes with several pre-built email automation templates and allows you to develop your own.
  • The Pro Plan includes all of the essential features, so you won’t need to upgrade the software.
  • With a sleek and elegant navigation mechanism, Moosend is pretty easy to use.
  • It has a free plan that you may use to try out the key features before committing to anything.
  • It has built-in reporting features that help you understand your email marketing campaigns.
  • To secure your subscribers, you can build GDPR-compliant campaigns.
  • Offers a variety of customer service options, including live chat.

Moosend Cons:

  • There is no customer service accessible. 24/7
  • Some of the platform’s more advanced capabilities are difficult to grasp and utilize. For example, the free plan lacks a landing page feature, making it difficult to personalize marketing content. In addition, the user interface is slow to load.
  • Some service providers, such as Yahoo, have difficulty with email delivery.
  • Compared to other email marketing solutions, Moosend has a limited number of integrations.
  • When composing newsletters, the editor takes a long time to load.
  • Personalization is restricted, and email templates are old.
  • Moosend’s sign-up form templates are pretty basic compared to other email marketing tools.

When should we use Moosend?

  • You know how to use complex email marketing tools and have some coding experience.
  • The importance of integrations in your marketing approach cannot be overstated.
  • You’re just getting started with your web business. The Free Plan includes some key features to help you grow your business.
  • You’ve worked with some of the most challenging user interfaces.
  • A landing page builder and an email marketing tool are required.

Should I Go For Moosend?

If you’re searching for a cost-effective solution with comprehensive email automation capabilities, Moosend is a perfect option. Their software is one of the most adaptable in the business, allowing you to construct email campaigns using a drag-and-drop editor and built-in email automation templates. Moosend is one of your new business’s most effective email marketing solutions. In addition, it comes with a variety of pricing levels from which to choose depending on the features you require.

It has captured the hearts of many organizations and marketers thanks to its extensive feature set, user-friendly design, and cost-effective programs. The founders of Moosend created the platform to assist small businesses in improving and scaling their email marketing campaigns.

The platform’s automation workflow is one of its most outstanding aspects. This single feature simplifies and expedites a variety of operations. It relieves you of the majority of the workload, allowing you to focus on other essential elements of your organization.

However, it lacks affiliate marketing capabilities and 24-hour customer service. Moosend is the way to go if you require a platform with infinite email integration, email templates, and the flexibility to modify the subject line.

Furthermore, it is incredibly user-friendly, making the learning curve virtually non-existent.

It also works with various third-party tools and applications to help you improve your email marketing operations. You can try out the key features of Moosend for free. Nonetheless, this platform has several flaws that may be a deal-breaker for some firms.

So, before making any commitments, you can always try out the free plan to see if it better suits your needs or not.

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